On December 15, the Academy of Logistics and Transport hosted a festive evening “Tauelsizdik – elimnin yerlik zholy”. The event was attended by teachers and students of our Academy. A tribute was paid to the national flag and the anthem. President-Rector ALiT Amirgalieva Saltanat Nuradilovna made a congratulatory speech and recalled the history of the Kazakh people, about the bitter and thorny path to independence. The President-Rector also presented the faculty and staff with letters of thanks and certificates of honor from the Ministry of Science and Higher Education. After the end of the official ceremony, the audience was shown a musical performance prepared by the students of the Academy. In the performance, student clubs demonstrated the situational line of the Kazakh people’s experiences and deeply impressed the audience. May our independence be on a pedestal!

Приемная комиссия