On February 27, 2024, for the purpose of sustainable development of point 3, the Department of Educational and Social Work organized a meeting with an MMA fighter for the purpose of good health and well-being. The guests of the Academy of Logistics and Transport were: vice-president of FC “Alash Pride” Olzhas Kaldygaraev, fighter of FC “Alash Pride” Bagdos Olzhasbay, fighter of FC “Alash Pride” Uzbol Esbolatov.

During the meeting, the fighters talked about the history of MMA. Mixed martial arts (also MMA – from English mixed martial arts) is a sport (often called “martial arts”) that is a fight with a combination of many techniques. They explained that MMA is a full-contact fight that uses striking techniques and fighting both standing (clinch) and on the ground (ground). The meeting’s heroes also talked about how important it is to maintain your health at a young age and give up smoking, drugs and other bad habits. By his example, he showed that any Kazakhstani can achieve his goal at any age. The young students had an open dialogue with the guests. The students were asked to meet. The audience thanked the guests of the Academy and wished them success in future competitions.

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