Mukhamedzhan Tynyshbaev is one of our noble citizens who served for the anniversary of Ulus and for the future of the country. He is the first Kazakh railway engineer, state and public figure, historian, educator-scientist.

April 1 event named “The first railway engineer of Kazakhstan” dedicated to the 145th anniversary of M. Tynyshpaev, who spent his childhood energy, intelligence, and human qualities in the struggle to bring freedom and equality to his native people and join the ranks of civilized countries. The day of the department was organized by L.A. Shintaeva, teacher of the “Language preparation” department. In the evening, the students performed a play dedicated to the life of M. Tynyshpaev. In the evening, SJD-23-1 group performed a poem written by Abdigali Muhammed M. Tynyshbayev, and students of SJD-23-1, RET-23-5 groups sang the bright star of the era M. He recited verses dedicated to the spirit of Tynyshbaev. The great dream of the people of Alashorda for half a century, an indelible bequest, a trust for future generations, “Alash Trust” has been fulfilled. Students took an active part in the group competition “Jurdek poezd”.

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