On May 3, 2023 the event “We remember you, glorious daughters of the Kazakh people!” was held at ALT dedicated to the 78th anniversary of the Great Victory and the memory of the heroines Aliya, Manshuk and Khiuaz. The purpose of the event is to honor the memory of the soldiers who died for the freedom and happiness of the future generation, to rejoice in today’s peaceful day, presented to us by the fearless warriors of the Fatherland.

The visit of a delegation of students of the academy to the Pskov region of Russia, where the girls-heroines are buried, became the basis for the event. The students sang patriotic songs.

During the evening, ALT President-Rector Saltanat Amirgaliyeva awarded the winners of the competition among students dedicated to the Victory Day. The competition was held in three nominations: an essay competition on military topics; competition of expressive reading and review competition of patriotic song.

Eternal glory and memory to the heroes of the Motherland!

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