As part of expanding the internationalization of education and science, the Academy of Logistics and Transport (ALT) organizes teaching activities involving foreign scholars every year. From April 1st to April 12th, 2024, the Academy was visited by Dr. Bogireddy Chandra, PhD and professor from Vardhaman College of Engineering in India. He participated in the educational process by delivering lectures and conducting practical sessions for students in programs related to radio engineering, electronics, transportation infrastructure construction, and logistics.

Additionally, Professor Bogireddy provided guidance on the master’s thesis for Beibit Erdaulet, a student in the «Radio Engineering, Electronics, and Telecommunications» program. He also conducted training sessions for the ALT faculty and students.

The professor co-authored 2 joint research papers with ALT for an international conference, further highlighting ALT’s contribution to the development of the scientific community.

The involvement of foreign scholars in ALT not only enriches the educational process but also strengthens international ties, fostering the development of educational and scientific cooperation in the field of transportation logistics and infrastructure.

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