“Shanyrak” was the personification of unity for the Kazakhs. Shanyrak was a family heirloom, a sign of procreation. In no case could it be turned over or dropped. Among the Kazakhs, the son who inherited shanyrak was called “shanyrak iesi” (“keeper of shanyrak”). Many rituals, beliefs, sayings, etc. are associated with Shanyrak. On this significant day of “Shanyrak”, students and the head of the Student House No. 1 organized a demonstration of home decoration and the custom of “Besikke salu”. Azhe (grandmother), singing a Kazakh lullaby, put the newborn baby in a besik (cradle). To make the baby’s life bright, full of important events and long, the elder gave bata (parting words). Also, under the shanyrak of this house, the baby was given a name, which is also a separate custom.

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