The seminar “Leaders of the Transport and Logistics Industry: A Women’s Perspective on Sustainable Development,” held on April 30, 2024, at the Academy of Logistics and Transport, proved to be a vibrant and productive event, bringing together prominent figures from the industry. With the participation of influential personalities such as Aizhan Bayseeva, Advisor for Transport Corridor Development in the USAID Trade Program in Central Asia, Oksana Sorokina, CEO of SevenR Logistics LLP, and Ramilya Akhmetova, Director of the international transport and logistics company AsstrA Almaty LLP, participants were able to discuss various aspects of women’s development in the field of logistics and transport.

The main themes addressed at the seminar included the role of women in modern logistics and transportation businesses, as well as the obstacles they face in their career advancement. Participants discussed the fundamentals of leadership and effective management in the transport industry, and shared practical skills and tools for developing leadership qualities among women in this field. Additionally, recommendations were provided for female students to help them successfully start and progress in the transport and logistics industry.

This seminar marked an important step towards promoting gender equality and supporting women in the transport industry, while also providing valuable knowledge and tools for leadership and career development in this dynamic field.

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