May 15-19, 2023 the Week of Volunteers was held in ALT.

The purpose of the “Week of Volunteers” was to introduce citizenship, patriotism, the formation of a close-knit, active team of volunteers as well as to educate respect for human rights and freedoms and form a creative attitude to hard work, study, work and life.

More than 1000 first-year students participated in the event. Volunteers performed various works: assistance in the work of the Academy’s archive, various actions – “Let’s help younger brothers”, help the elderly and people with disabilities, “Give a smile to little kids”, “Green Academy”, “Give books with love”. Participated in cleaning the streets and squares of the city. The cleaning of the street was symbolic. M. Tynyshpayev – the first railway engineer of Kazakhstan.

Volunteering has brought unforgettable moments, emotions and great experiences to the lives of students. Through the prism of the “volunteer week”, students were able to develop communication and social skills, expand their worldview, helping people. “Volunteering makes life brighter and brings smiles and unforgettable impressions, many funny and interesting moments were noted, special and atmospheric, which will stay with me for the rest of my life; gives experience and new friends, expands opportunities and inner peace,” the students of the Academy joyfully shared.

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