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Welcome to the training, retraining and advanced training courses of ALiT in the field of logistics activities!

As part of the implementation of the Address of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan – Elbasy Nazarbayev N. A. on improving the efficiency of transport and logistics infrastructure and training personnel in the transport and logistics industry, a Logistics Center was created at the Academy with the support of the Association of National Freight Forwarders of the Republic of Kazakhstan (ANEC). The Center has a qualified teaching staff, competent in the field of logistics, able to optimally combine theoretical developments and solving practical problems; it is equipped with modern equipment, software and is able to provide a full range of services for training, retraining and advanced training.

The center allows providing higher educational institutions, enterprises and organizations of the transport and industrial industry with highly qualified logistics specialists, expanding the theoretical knowledge and practical experience of students, developing balanced programs in an ideal combination of theory and practice in accordance with the requirements of the European Logistics Association (ELA BVL) and the International Federation of Forwarding Associations (FIATA).Students of the Logistics Center courses will be able to consistently and intensively obtain the entire set of necessary knowledge of theory and practice for the development of effective approaches to the formation of logistics systems at various levels.

There are 3 forms of training provided:

  1. according to the programs of advanced training courses in the amount of up to 120 hours – a certificate is issued;
  2. obtaining a working profession in the amount of 216 hours-a certificate is issued; according to FIATA vocational training programs-a FIATA international diploma is issued.

Logistics center presentation

List of advanced training courses conducted by the Logistics Center
  1. Management and maintenance of a transport and logistics center;
  2. International road freight transportation;
  3. Design of logistics systems;
  4. Logistics management of goods movement in international traffic;
  5. Software solutions for railway logistics and foreign economic activity;
  6. Electronic service of the automated control system DKR program;
  7. Automation program for freight forwarders and logisticians;
  8. The program of simulation modeling.

The duration of the courses is at the request of the customer: 3 days( 18 hours), 5 days (36 hours), 10 days (72 hours), 18 days (120 hours), 6 weeks (216 hours)

We will also be happy to help develop a list of individual courses for your university.

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