Shamshieva Gauhar Sagyndykovna

Candidate of Historical Sciences, Associate Professor


The position of the Tugan zher-altyn besigim club

1. General provisions

1.1. The club was established on the basis of the Academy of Transport and Logistics, the Department of “Social and Humanitarian Disciplines and Physical Education” of the Institute of Logistics and Management.

1.2.any student who loves the Kazakh country with all his soul, knows its official language, history, honors traditions and traditions can be a member.

1.3. Club meetings are held once a month.

1.4. The club is run by students. The secretary appointed to him, having drawn up a protocol on the work done within the framework of this club, entrusts the organizational work to the chairman and his assistants for the implementation of management measures.

1.5. Photos and videos from Club meetings are published on the Academy’s website.

1.6. The club’s work is carried out between teams, organizing competitions between specially designated groups.

2. The purpose and objectives of the creation of the Tugan zher – altyn besigim club.

2.1. The main goal of the club is to foster patriotism among young people, instilling love for their native country, land;

2.2. the main objectives of the club:

  • Comprehensive expansion of horizons;
  • formation of an active life position of students;
  • collection of interesting facts about the native land;
  • getting to know historical places;
  • Exploring the life history of celebrities;
  • a collection of legends related to native places;
  • spiritual and moral education based on the promotion of samples of folk culture, traditions, national history of the Kazakh nation;

3. Rights of members of the Tugan zher-altyn Besigim club

3.1. the right to elect the chairman of the club;

3.2. appoint the club’s managers;

3.3. has the right to appoint team leaders;

3.4. protect the motto, emblem and goal of each team;

4. Responsibilities of the members of the Tugan zher-altyn besigim club

4.1. organization of events held once a month;

4.2. fill out the protocols of the events in a timely manner;

4.3. inviting guests to the events;

4.4. Summing up the results of the club’s work;

5. Required documents

5.1. Annual plan

5.2. Club rules

5.3. Participation sheet

5.4. Protocols

6. Club work planning

6.1. The Chairman and his assistant work in accordance with the drawn up plan

6.2. writing an article in the Academy’s newspaper on the events held

6.3. approval of the list of club members

6.4. Registration of the events held


The program of the club “Tugan zher-altyn besigim”


Currently, the country has entered a new historical stage. In this new historical period, we must revive those virtues that were inherited from our ancestors and penetrated into our blood, which are destroying our roots today. It is necessary to educate patriotism among young people, as well as instill love for their native land and land. For this purpose, the Tugan zher – altyn Besigim club is being created at the Academy, which is organized among students of 1-2 courses.

The main direction of the program:

  • respect for the motherland, the country on the basis of educational work in higher educational institutions;
  • formation of moral and patriotic consciousness;
  • formation of national identity;
  • the study of national traditions, language and literature, history;
  • motivating students to self-development through the activities of the club;
  • getting to know the values and culture of our history;
  • to increase the spiritual and cultural awareness of students.

The purpose of the program:

  • to acquaint students with the history of their native land and instill love for their homeland, country, and native land;

Program objectives:

  • broadening the horizons of students in history, political science, sociology, and philosophical sciences;
  • teaching the study of history;
  • the development of our cultural values among students;
  • the formation of our spiritual tradition;

Ways to implement the work of the program:

  • contests
  • debate
  • quiz questions
  • making movies
  • creating slides about three hundred khans

Summing up the results:

At the end of each competition, evaluate and reward the teams with knowledge, skill, resourcefulness, etc.

The plan of the CLUB “Tugan zher-Altyn besigim”, created at the Department of Social and Humanitarian Disciplines and Physical Education for the 2nd semester




Time of the event Responsible

for “Regional ethnographic research”

meeting with Ph.D., Professor, ethnographer T. E. Kartaeva




Assembly hall


Shamshieva G. S.


Imangaliev D.


2 organization of the “student regional expedition to the sacred places of Kazakhstan “




Shamshieva G. S.

“Kazakh Khanate” and Kazakh statehood. Organization of a meeting with Academician, PhD, member of the correspondent B. B. Karibaev




Assembly hall


Shamshieva G. S.


Imangaliev D.


Accompanying students to the National Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan




Assembly hall


Shamshieva G. S.

Sacred Kazakhstan


27.04. – 30.04.2023 Shamshieva G. S.
Приемная комиссия