Student Government

Қосбай Әлімжан

Vice president of Student Government

Kosbai Alimzhan

Phone: +7 700 295 3054

Бисенов Мукасан Садыкович

President of the Student Government

Bisenov Mukasan Sadykovich

Phone: +77761955662

Гадилбеков Бейбит

Vice president of Student Government

Gadilbekov Beibit

Phone: +7 7073637292

Student self—government is a form of organization of independent social activities of students for the implementation of university management functions, which is determined by them and carried out in accordance with the goals and objectives facing student collectives.

The Head of the Student Government is a member of the following collegial bodies: Academic Council, Educational and Methodological Council, Social Council, Disciplinary Council for consideration of responsibility of students.

Student self-government creates new opportunities for self-determination of the individual, the emergence of youth innovations in various spheres of society. One of the important conditions for the organization of educational work at the Academy is the creation of a single educational space. The desire of students to manifest their “I”, the desire to actively participate in the life of the academy, support for scientific, cultural, public initiatives.

The President of the Student Government is a bridge between the students and the administration of the Academy. He is responsible for the interests of the entire youth community of the Academy, as he is the student representative.

Duties of the Vice President:

  1. To replace the head in his absence;
  2. Management and organization of the work of the Government;
  3. Planning, control and development of government activities;
  4. Plan government activities, develop and approve work plans, define performance targets and teams;
  5. Organize work on the implementation of government plans and coordinate the activities of structural units
  6. Make a list of the works necessary for the implementation of the assigned tasks, and identify the students who will perform them
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