Office of Inclusive Education and Psychological Support

Inclusive education is a process that ensures equal access to education for all students, taking into account special educational needs and individual opportunities.

JSC “ALiT” provides students with special educational needs (hereinafter referred to as special educational needs) with a number of necessary conditions:

  • teachers of JSC “ALiT”, accepting a variety of opportunities for students;
  • the use of different forms of organization of the educational process, variable methods and methods of teaching, focused on different opportunities of students;
  • application of individualized methods of assessing student achievements;
  • special technical, auxiliary and compensatory means, which are located in a specially equipped classroom “Cabinet of Inclusive Education” (auditorium №2102 of the GUK of JSC “ALiT”);
  • regulatory documents, methodological materials regulating organizational and technological processes to meet special educational processes.

JSC “ALiT” is actively working to improve the quality of graduates and the growth of educational reputation, in addition, there are all the necessary conditions for creating the necessary inclusive educational environment for students with special educational needs.

The main indicative indicators of readiness of JSC “ALiT” for the implementation of the educational process with students with special educational needs and disabilities:


According to the staff schedule of the Academy, an Office of Inclusive Education and Psychological Support is provided with two staff units: the head of the office of inclusive education and psychological support and the chief specialist of the office of inclusive education and psychological support. In order to prepare teaching staff to work in inclusive education, create the necessary conditions and a barrier-free environment, as well as organize educational work for people with disabilities, No. 119 – ALT dated November 20, 2023 to December 1, 20, teachers and employees of ALiT JSC successfully completed advanced training courses on the topic: “Psychological and pedagogical support for children with special educational needs in an inclusive education environment.”

Building accessibility

Special conditions have been created for people with special educational needs. From the sidewalk (from the pedestrian paths) to the main entrance of the main academic building and inside along the corridor to the inclusive office (No. 2102) + inside the library, as well as for the entrance to the elevator, special tactile plates (special yellow colors with distinctive textural surfaces) were laid.

There are signs with Braille in the office and bathrooms. Yellow identification signs and a call button are installed in front of the entrance to the building of JSC “ALiT” at a height of 0.9 m to 1.2 m from the floor level, and instructed by the security service, who will immediately respond to the call for access to the buildings.

Portable door ramps have been installed in the main academic building and Pavilion No. 5, which is as accessible as possible for people in a wheelchair, a distance of 0.4 m from the floor level.

There are places for disabled people’s personal vehicles with an identification mark, which are located near the main entrance no further than 30 meters, and accessible to the disabled.

A separate bathroom (No. C214) is organized for the disabled with equipped with special convenient plumbing, handrails, holders. There is enough free space inside the room, which allows not just a person to move, but at the same time use a walker, a wheelchair, or go in together — a disabled person and an accompanying person.

An elevator with an identification mark has been allocated.

At the same time, according to the requirements, a special room was allocated in the interior of the GUK for conducting classes with students with special educational needs in room No. 2102.

Light beacons are installed in all the Houses of students and the Academy’s GUK from the path on the walls at a height of 1.5 to 2.1 m. The color of the beacons on the paths of safe movement is green, in areas of increased attention – yellow, and in areas of dangerous or restricted accessibility — red.

Material and technical support

In order to improve the quality of education for students with disabilities, JSC “ALiT” inclusive education room No. 2102 GUK is provided with the following special equipment:

desktop magnifier on a bracket with backlight;
pencil for writing in Braille (male);
calculator “talking”;
a set of films for the “Shkolnik” device;
tactile Braille ruler 14 cm;
tactile Braille ruler 30 cm;
the device is 18-line for writing in Braille;
device for relief drawing “Shkolnik”;

Braille protractor for the blind;

triangle with relief scale for the blind.
SARA CE is a new generation of autonomous scanning and reading machine for blind and visually impaired users.

Educational and methodological support

The scientific library of JSC “ALiT” is provided with the necessary literature on the implementation of inclusive education in universities of the Republic of Kazakhstan in book and electronic formats in three languages (Kazakh, Russian, English).

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Schedule of consultations

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