February 22, 2024 as part of the student club “Do you know?” a poetry evening was held “I dedicated the lyre…” with the participation of 1st year students (МТМ -23-1, М -23-1, КГ-23-2, ЭЭ 23-7, РЭТ -23-3, АЗС-23-2, АПСМ -23-1). At the evening, poems about the Motherland, about family and love by famous Kazakh and Russian poets were read, and everyone’s favorite songs were performed. The purpose of such events within the framework of the student club “Do you know?”: to introduce students to fiction, to instill expressive reading skills, to enrich the spiritual world of students. Teachers of the Department of Language Training responsible for the event: assistant – professor Kunakova G.U., senior lecturer Dzhakipova K.T.

Приемная комиссия