Twenty students of the Academy of Logistics and Transport were sent as part of the academic mobility program to Omsk State University of Railway Engineering (OmGUPS) in the period from April 15 to April 26, 2024. Students have acquired specific credits in specialized disciplines within the programs of «Electrical Power Engineering», «IT Power Engineering», «Radio Engineering, Electronics and Telecommunications», «Locomotives», «Roads and Aerodromes», and «Automobiles and Automotive Business».

Academic mobility is aimed at exchanging knowledge and experience between universities. The students are accompanied by experienced teachers, including Senior Lecturer in the «Energy Engineering» department Sandugash Utepbergenova and the Director of the «Transport Engineering» institute, Shamil Abdreshov, who will act as coordinators.

This experience will not only expand the academic horizons of the students but also strengthen the cooperation between educational institutions in Kazakhstan and Russia.

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