On 02/14/2024, an event on the topic was held at the «Academy of Logistics and Transport»: “Psychological struggle against harassment” with the participation of the girls of the Academy, organized by the psychologist of the Academy Tursynbai Zhazira Zulkayyrkyzy. The participants of the meeting learned that women and girls make up half of the world’s population and make up half of the human potential. Gender equality, which is one of the most important human rights, plays a crucial role in ensuring peace and harmony in society and the full realization of human potential based on sustainable development. At this event, the main aspects were considered – the term “harassment”, what is meant by harassment, its consequences and how to protect yourself from sexual harassment. In the near future, a survey among students will be conducted in order to prevent harassment. We also invite the girls of the Academy to a training seminar on the protection of psychological attacks and self-defense training. At the end of the meeting, the girls of the Academy asked their questions and exchanged details.

Приемная комиссия