On April 2, 2024, employees of the Akimat and employees of the Almaly district Police Department of Almaty conducted explanatory work for students and employees of the Academy of Logistics and Transport on how to park electric scooters and mopeds correctly.

The city of Almaty is a large metropolis and residents of the city are used to using public transport such as scooters and mopeds. Making it easier to drive these vehicles, it is necessary to teach the population the culture of parking in the places designated for this transport. The students of the Logistics and Transport Academy were not left without attention. The guests of the Academy, drawing the attention of students and staff, told that it is wrong to park vehicles on sidewalks and pedestrian crossings. It was explained that sidewalks and pedestrian crossings can only be used by pedestrians. Movement, parking of mopeds and electric scooters on sidewalks interfere with the free movement of the pedestrian population. These employees recommended parking vehicles along the roads and driving only on the roadway.

The students were interested in the following questions:

– “Are there regulations to ban the above recommendations?”

– “Will there be special signs for parking mopeds and scooters?”

– “What administrative penalties will be levied for parking?”

– “Will I need a driver’s license to drive mopeds?”.

The staff of the Akimat administration and the Police Department could not answer many questions, but promised to highlight them before the competent authorities.

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