On May 4, 2024, M. ALT University named after Tynyshpaev held festive events dedicated to “Day of Defenders of the Fatherland” and “Great Victory Day”. Military-patriotic events were organized and held by the teaching staff and students of the Institute of Military Affairs. Distinguished guests attended the event: Lieutenant Colonel Zhumadilov Azamat Tleukhanuly, People’s Hero of the Republic of Kazakhstan, retired Major General Telegusoy Mahmut Utegenovich, Deputy Head of the Military Engineering Institute of Radio Electronics and Communications of the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Lieutenant Colonel Madrakhimov Medgat Madrakhimovich.

Festive events were held in a large conference hall and continued on the military field of the Institute of Military Affairs, where military and special equipment, firearms were displayed. Also, “Soldier’s Porridge” was prepared for all participants and guests of the event.

President-Rector of the University Amirgaliyeva Saltanat Nuradilovna started the event with a solemn congratulatory speech and awarded the distinguished guests with commemorative medals for the 145th anniversary of M. Tynyshpaev and the officers of the teaching staff of the Institute of Military Affairs with festive diplomas.

Creative young people of the Institute of Military Affairs performed with a festive concert, accompanied by a video clip, and vocal performance.

The event achieved its goal. All participants and guests felt patriotism and pride for the true heroes of their homeland and the Armed Forces of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

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