Modern education in the period of modernization should go, first of all, along the path of developing students’ cognitive interest and awareness of the importance of education. And one of the ways to increase cognitive interest is to involve students in linguistic clubs. According to the plan of the linguistic club “Polyglot”, on October 29, 2021, an event was held in auditorium No. 5713 at 12.30 pm – “Halloween party”, the main objectives of which were: increasing the interest and motivation of students to learn English, the level of communicative language proficiency, expanding knowledge about the traditions and customs of foreign countries. The event was organized and conducted by assistant teachers of the Department of “Language Training” Nurseit A.B. and Sarsenbaeva F.G. with the participation of students of the specialties “Automation and Control”, “Track and road machines”, “Bridges, tunnels and subways”, “Electric Power”, “Transport Logistics”, and “Highways and airfields”.

This event allowed students to get acquainted in more detail with the history of the Halloween holiday and its traditions. During the event, participants solved a crossword, collected puzzles, guessed riddles, inserted missing letters into words, answered quiz questions. The students took an active part in the event.

An important result of the Halloween Party was the achievement of the goals: attracting students to study the traditions of England and America, fostering a tolerant attitude to foreign culture, expanding country studies knowledge, fostering responsibility and the ability to work in a team.

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