“On April 5, 2024, an Intellectual Game on the topic ‘Development of the Transport Industry of the Republic of Kazakhstan’ was held among groups: US-TL-22-1k, US-TL-22-2r, DL-22-2r, using innovative methods such as the ‘Monopoly’ game and answering test questions on knowledge of the transport industry of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Students formed teams, and team members developed strategies for their fictional companies operating in the transportation services market to manage their business. Each team provided services for procurement, warehousing, selection of transportation routes, etc. During the game, the decisions made were discussed, and an oral analysis of the company’s work was conducted.

The session concluded with a discussion of the strategies chosen by the teams. The entire process of the game and the decisions made by the teams were applied to cargo transportation, and this approach will allow participants not only to deepen their knowledge of transportation logistics and digital technologies but also to develop decision-making, analysis, and strategic thinking skills through an interactive and engaging session.”

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