The third day of Nauryznam turned out to be the day of “Culture and Nation”. The national culture of the Kazakh people has been formed for several centuries on the territory of modern Kazakhstan. Modern Kazakhstan is going through a period of national revival. Folk crafts, folk customs, rituals and national sports, the religion of the titular nation, national education and the Kazakh language, the song genre and poetry in the Kazakh language are also being revived.

There are a lot of different concepts characterizing the culture of Kazakhstan. Household items such as: yurt, steppe zergers, pialas, Kazakh national clothes, skullcap, saukele. Musical instruments: dombra, kobyz. There are many special names for professions and positions in society: Akyn, Biy, Zhyrau, Kagan, Khan, Batyr. There are many terms denoting holidays and events: aitys is an improvised competition between two akyns, a form of oral folk song poetry; Nauryz is a celebration of the arrival of spring according to the astronomical solar calendar among the Iranian and Turkic peoples; altybakan is a swing on six pillars; “Shezhire” (pedigree) is a special form of historical memory of the people dedicated to history, the so—called “steppe oral historiography”. The names of the fathers are recorded in Shezhir, generation after generation.

The Institute of Logistics and Management, together with the head of the Student House No. 2, held an event dedicated to the decade of Nauryznam. At the event, students living in this House of Students showed the national rite and tradition of “Tusau Kesu”, thereby continuing all the favorite traditions of the Kazakh people.

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