From December 30 to  January 31, 2024, medical trainings were held in the Homes of students of the Academy of Logistics and Transport on the topics: “Prevention of SARS and influenza”, “Ethics of sneezing and coughing”, “Rules of personal hygiene”, “Proper nutrition”. The speakers were the medical staff of the Academy. The purpose of the training is to explain the importance of health, the dangers of viral infection, and early warning methods against viral infection. The trainings were conducted through feedback from students. The nurses explained the ways of preventing SARS, the causes, and the ways of proper protection. They explained in detail and demonstrated the importance of cleanliness, the importance of hand washing and treatment of ARVI, and treatment methods. Also, during the trainings, they talked about how to eat right, what kind of food and vitamins it is important to consume, and how to follow the regime correctly. It was also told how to properly care for the skin, oral cavity, hair and intimate hygiene. Some well-known facts about personal hygiene items were expressed. Students actively participated in the training, answered questions, expressed their thoughts, and discussed urgent problems. At the end of the event, the students prepared a fruit salad and shared it with each other, telling them what vitamins it contains.

Приемная комиссия