With in the walls of the Academy of Logistics and Transport, organized by the “Senim” club, the 10th branch of the Center for Sustainable Development held a seminar-training for girls on the topic “How to learn to understand yourself”, reducing inequality. At the seminar-training, psychologist Baisakova Aygerim Alikenkovna of “Almaty clinic” explained to the students that visiting a psychologist is to remove the stereotype of “shame” and that the need to consult a psychologist is a correct and normal action. Visiting a psychologist helps a person to understand his inner being, self-awareness, overcome fear and anxiety. Psychologist Aygerim Alikenkovna explained to the girls of the Academy that self-awareness means studying one’s own abilities and capabilities, searching for the type of activity that best suits them and helps to realize oneself as a person, chooses one’s actions correctly, and determines one’s place in life.

Приемная комиссия