On March 15, 2024, the Academy of Logistics and Transport hosted the “Miss – ALT 2024”, organized by the Department of Educational and Social Work. The competition was held in two stages – the qualifying round and the grand final. 8 representatives of the institutes “Automation and Telecommunications”, “Logistics and Management”, “Transport Engineering” made it to the finals. They were: Zeynulla Saida, Duysenbayeva Elmira, Aliyeva Asel, Mels Merim, Piletskaya Milana, Isatayeva Nazerke, Ardakkyzy Madina, Dautkan Samal.

Famous personalities of Almaty were invited to the jury of the competition such as: Turdiev Gayrat – director of the Integra contruction company, Mondybai Aizhan – organizer of the Miss Almaty competition, Yelzhan Turys – actor of the national Academic theater named after M.Auezov, Petri Natalia – winner of MISS ALMATY 2023, Aruzhan Magzum- blogger, a dancer.

The beauties of the Academy passed 3 rounds: “Fashion show”, “Answers to questions about the history of the country”, “Showing creative numbers”. All the girls were colorful, bright, amazing, luxurious, graceful, charming.

The colorful show was decorated with a performance by members of the Empire Dance club, a solo performance by 2nd year student Marupzhanov Ilham and many others.

According to the results of the contest, the winner of “Miss ALT 2024” was Isatayeva Nazerke, the position of vice-miss was taken by Ardakkyzy Madina. The nomination “QAZAQ ARUY” was received by Alieva Asel, “AYAULY ARU” was received by Mels Merim, “MEDIA PERSON” was received by Zeynulla Saida, “TALENT PERFORMANCE” was received by Duysenbayeva Elmira, “FASHION MODEL” was received by Dautkan Samal, “FASHION STYLE” was received by Piletskaya Milana.

A beautiful show, beautiful girls, and a wonderful atmosphere gave the audience an unforgettable experience.

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