On 28 March, the event “Nauryz Fest” took place within the framework of the student club “Polyglot” with students of group KG-23-1. During the event, a video of the preparation of baursaks was shown, since baursak is an indispensable attribute of the festive dastarkhan.

There was a demonstration of the preparation of the national soup Nauryz kozhe of Kazakh cuisine for the Nauryz holiday, which is a symbol of prosperity and abundance in the coming new year for the Kazakhs and consists of seven food elements.All participants were dressed in national costumes and national jewelry. Students also showed the scene of “Syrga salu” and “Kyz uzatu”, and at the end there was a “shashu” of sweets

Organizers of this event: Elmira Turdalieva, Akniet Serikova

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