On April 19, 2024, an interuniversity Olympiad in language disciplines was held at the Kazakh National Conservatory (KNC), where our students of group MTM 23-1,CUP -23-2, RC-23-1, EE-23-7, EE- 23-8, RET -23-5.

The Interuniversity Olympiad was held in 2 rounds: 1) oral presentation on various lexical topics in the “Russian language” section, tests on English grammar

2) preparation and defense of presentations on the topic “Music is the universal language of humanity.”

At the end of the Olympics, students were awarded an honorary 3rd place and awarded  with diplomas: Isataeva Nazerke KG – 23-2,Alpysbaev Ersultan, SZD-23-1 and their supervisor, senior lecturer K.T. Dzhakipova

Certificates for active participation were awarded to students: Ermukhanbet Bekarys, senior gr. EE -23-7 (supervisor assistant – professor G.U. Kunakova), Kuanyshbaev Baurzhan EE – 23-8 (supervisor assistant – professor Smailova F.I.), Begaly Gulshat MTM -23 – 1 (supervisor senior lecturer Dzhakipova K.T.), Murat Akmeyir RET -23-5 (supervisor senior lecturer Shintaeva L.A.).

All participants were given memorable gifts.Congratulations to the winners, all participants of the Olympiad and their leaders.

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