On April 5, 2024, students of the groups: KG 23-6, KG 23-3, M 23-2 took part in the city interuniversity Intellectual Game festival “IQ-Neurobiology” dedicated to the Science Day of Kazakhstan, which was held at the K.Sagadiev University of International Business.

The purpose of the festival: the development of communication skills, the expansion of linguistic horizons, the formation of creative thinking of students, familiarization with the student scientific community, instilling  interest in intellectual games held at the UIB named after K.Sagadiev.

Intellectual games were simultaneously held in five classrooms with various tasks on vocabulary, grammar of the Russian language, stylistics; exercises on the use of proverbs, aphorisms, phraseological units.

At the end of the festival, all participants were awarded various gifts for their active participation and demonstrated knowledge, each student received a participant certificate confirming his participation in the city interuniversity festival of Intellectual game “IQ-Neurobiology” dedicated to the Science Day of Kazakhstan. These certificates have become not only a pleasant memory of the event, but also a document confirming their participation and achievements in intellectual competitions.

The heads of students-teachers of the Department of “Language training” ALT assistant professors Kalambaeva G.A. and Eszhanova G.K. were also awarded certificates for their important participation in the organization and support of the event. These certificates have become a well-deserved recognition and encouragement of their contribution to the success of the festival.

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