On March 13, 2024, within the walls of the Academy of Logistics and Transport, a solemn presentation of diplomas to graduates of 2024 took place. More than 300 people became graduates of the university. Graduates of the Institute of Distance Learning, graduates of accelerated education and masters received a ticket to a great and professional life. The President-Rector of ALIT S.N. Amirgalieva made a congratulatory speech and wished him success in hard, professional work, an open road and heights. Saltanat Nuradilovna thanked the active parents and graduates, to whom she presented letters of gratitude and certificates. Directors of the institutes “Automation and Telecommunications” – Ainur Zhumakanovna Toygozhinova, “Logistics and Management” – Gulmira Serikovna Musaeva, “Transport Engineering” – Shamil Askarovich Abdreshov, “Basic and Distance Education” – Akdana Tursynkhanovna Tashimbetova – addressed the graduates with a congratulatory speech and parting words . The parents of the graduates, Torekhanov Kayyrgali Arystanuly and Musina Zhamal Valievna, spoke with words of gratitude, and the graduates themselves also expressed their respect: Musin Dias, Kuttibaev Abylaykhan.

Good luck, graduates!!! Forward to victories, new horizons, a bright future! May love, luck, and faith in your strength accompany you!!!

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