A seminar  on the topics  “Internal and external industrial transport logistics  yesterday, today, tomorrow”, “Methods for improving the efficiency of using freight cars in the terms of  modern market ” was held on the 14 of April 2022 at 15.30  in the conference hall of the Academy of Logistics and Transport. The speaker  was the  President of the Association “Partnership for Transport and Logistics in Central Asia”   Mr Bulekbayev Berik Raimbekovich.

The seminar was attended by the teaching staff and students of the Academy.

The issues of general analysis of modern industrial logistics, problems and bottlenecks in production processes of transport support of an industrial enterprise were touched upon in the seminar in the framework of the first topic; prospects for the development of  functional and organizational structure  of industrial  logistics in the  terms of multiplicity of private cargo carriers on a single infrastructure, optimization and development of internal and external logistics of railway transport. were considered.

 Analysis of current situation in the railway industry of Kazakhstani and  Russian markets of freight wagon  operators  were discussed in the  framework of the second topic as well as  review and analysis  of wagon building issues and rolling stock repair

The seminar was held in a discussion format, the speaker Mr Bulekbaev B.R. was asked a lot of questions from teaching staff and students. Following the results of the seminar, it was decided to hold an 8-hour seminar (training) for students.

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