From April 1 to April 5, 2024, teacher of the Department of Language Training S.A. Alieva IT-EE-23-10; EE-23-10; AU-23-4, IS-23-2, RET-23-7, IT-EE-23-8, TL-23-3; TL-23-4; OP-23-2, EiM-23-2, KL-23-2, KG-23-5, SNS-23, AZS-23, SPGS-23, ADA-23, ZhPPKh-23, MTM-23, APSM- 23-2, M-23, SZH-23, SAD-23-2, IPS-23-2 went to the A. Kasteev Art Museum with all their students studying in Russian groups. Students were given preliminary information about this museum. According to the program, museums included in the art theme were able to arouse the interest of students. It is no secret that this art museum, which aroused the interest of students with its magic, archives from ancient times, as well as modern installations, changed their views on art and created the feeling of being in a completely different world. It was great news to hear the words from the students’ mouths, to go to the museums again. The students were also surprised by the fact that the paintings in the art museum were original. European artists in the Western Hall, Russian artists in the Second Hall, including Surikov. We stood for a long time in front of the paintings of Repin and Aivazovsky and never tired of admiring them. The paintings in A. Kasteev’s hall also taught us a lot. We set ourselves the goal of visiting as many museums in Almaty as possible.

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