The last day in Nauryznama, point 15 of the Center for Sustainable Development, is dedicated to “Cleaning up” the preservation of ecosystems on the earth, that is, on this day, everyone should beautify their homes, clean the surroundings of the house, and sweep away all the garbage collected during the winter. Since ancient times, Kazakhs have taken care of their homes and their cleanliness. They never left dirty dishes overnight, and thoroughly washed all the dirt from them. They never made the bed after nightfall. In the first and second cases, Kazakhs believed that shaitans (evil spirits) could occupy the dirty hearth and stay in the bed. On “Tazartu” day, Kazakhs also cleaned their bodies and went to wash. Also, Kazakhs took very good care of their hair and nails and never left them on the street. It is believed that devils take hair and nails and make people sick.

“Cleaning” day was also held by our students. Saturdays were held in the territory of all students’ houses, and the nearby square was cleaned. In addition, students cleaned in their rooms.

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