On March 7, 2024, the 5th branch of the Center for Sustainable Development of the Men’s Community congratulated the tender, beautiful women and girls of the Academy all day long, including issues of gender equality. The story of congratulations began in the morning. In the lobby of our Academy, lovely ladies were welcomed by a brass ensemble, a live corridor of Academy boys. The photo area, decorated in French style, caused laughter and admiration of the girls. Spring flowers given by men delighted and surprised women. A performance-musical glorifying Kazakh women was performed by the students for the lovely ladies. The play talked about the great role of women in Kazakh society. Like a man, a woman can be a “First.” Students showed images of great Kazakh women: D. Nurpeyisova, Sh. Zhienkulova, R. Baglanova, K. Bayseyitova. The performance was very liked by all the spectators.

Приемная комиссия