Around the world, UNICEF supports the development of volunteerism and initiatives. 36 countries are actively participating in the Global Volunteer Initiative, including Kazakhstan. Students of JSC “ALT University named after Mukhamedzhan Tynyshpayev” traditionally spend a volunteer week every year.  This year, volunteer week took place from May 13 to May 17, 2024. 1832 students participated in volunteering. Together with the leaders, the volunteers developed an interesting and rich program. At this event, students completed areas: No. 3 “Good health and well-being” and No. 15 “Preservation of terrestrial ecosystems” from the Sustainable Development Goals.

At the beginning of the week, young volunteers received training. During the event, volunteers performed the following work: helped elderly people from the Altyn Zhurek Nursing Home, Karima Nursing Home and Golden Age, where students held a small concert program and presented gifts. Students from the Almaty Children’s Support Center also charged them with their student energy. Volunteers helped the children find themselves in life, realize their dreams and plans. A team of volunteers purchased and donated products to the Good Deeds of Almaty Foundation. Students participated in helping 4 families within the framework of the “Biik Beleske Bagyt” charity foundation and presented bags of food. Students also visited WWII veteran 91-year-old Zhumagaliev Sarbas and helped with cleaning the house, yard and painting the fence. They did not leave aside the shelter for homeless animals in the village of Mynbayev, Almaty region. Where 150 dogs and cats had their cages and enclosures cleaned. We carried out environmental campaigns: we cleaned up garbage in the central park of Almaty, on the street and in the park named after. M. Tynyshpayev, near the museum named after. A. Baitursynov, they cleaned the territory of PCH-46, the university, cleaned the classrooms, helped in the archives of the university, cleaned the library, carried out the restoration of books, landscaped the university and student houses, timed to coincide with the “Green University” campaign. To constantly replenish the coworking center, students organized the “Give Books with Love” campaign.

Summing up the results of Volunteer Week, the best and active student volunteers were awarded letters of gratitude. Students gained new experience through participation in the implementation of volunteer programs.

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