Youth Policy Office

Амантай Ерасыл Мейрханұлы

Chief Specialist of the Office of Youth Policy

Amantai Erasyl Meirkhanuly


Ахатай Ырысбек Исағалиұлы

Chief Specialist of the Office of Youth Policy

Akhatai Yrysbek Isagalievich


The Office of Youth Policy (hereinafter — OMP) is a structural subdivision of the Department for Social and Educational Work.

Students of the Academy take an active part in student self-government. Student self-government at the university is an amateur social movement, it is a social democratic institution, without which the socio-professional development of a future specialist is impossible. It is the most important factor positively influencing the self–realization of students, increasing social activity and personal interest. The university administration supports the involvement of students in active social activities, the formation of their management and organization skills.

It includes carrying out various activities to implement youth policy, organizing extracurricular activities and holidays, mediation in the dialogue of students with the university administration.

The main activities of the division are:

  • coordination of the activities of public organizations of the Academy on the implementation of youth policy, timely solution of youth problems, ensuring compliance with the rights and social protection of students;
  • interaction with higher authorities, youth organizations on issues related to practical and relevant solutions to the problems of the Academy’s youth;

The main activities of the Youth Policy Office are:

  • carrying out work on the full implementation of the state youth policy of the Republic of Kazakhstan at the Academy;
  • ensuring compliance with the rights set forth in the legislative acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Law on State Youth Policy in the Republic of Kazakhstan;
  • carrying out work on the prevention of illegal actions of students of the academy and the fight against corruption;
  • assistance to the development of youth self-government, organization of meaningful leisure for young people;
  • organization of events on socio-political, legal, patriotic, moral, ethno-cultural education;
  • organization of measures for the prevention of religious extremism.
  • promotion of a healthy lifestyle among students and the development of physical culture and sports;
  • development of collective and individual entrepreneurial activity of young people;
  • ensuring secondary employment of students in their free time.

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